Spray Tan

Natural Glow Organic Airbrush Tanning

100% Natural Ingredients * Organic DHA * PETA Approved * Vegan



$20 with student I.D.

Package of 4 $75

Natural Glow products have become internationally famous and are in constant demand by high profile celebrities, beauty pageant contestants, fashion runway models. Our airbrush tanning solutions have become the most popular brand among these groups because of their brilliant natural color and flawlessly bronzed results. Natural Glow uses only the freshest premium ingredients.


Is Professional Airbrush Tanning Safe? Yes, sunless tanning products are generally regarded as a safe solution to sunbathing. The FDA considers DHA as a safe ingredient to use when applied to the skin.

How does Professional Airbrush Tanning work? The tanning procedure takes about 15 -20 minutes per application. Disposable panties are available upon request or a bathing suit could be worn during the procedure if desired. Since you are being sprayed by a professional machine you are assured a coverage that is complete and uniform. The Glow special tanning blend is customized lighter or darker depending on your skin color. Please prepare your skin for the best results. Exfoliating your body is a very important step before tanning because the exfoliating process will remove the top layer of dead epidermis cells.